New D.C. Distillery Releases Bottle Designs

One Eight Distilling, only the second distillery to open in Washington, D.C., since prohibition, has released bottle and label designs for the first round of spirits to be sold by the distillery when it opens this Summer.

One Eight’s Rock Creek White Whiskey will be distilled and bottled in its warehouse from locally-sourced rye grain. Rock Creek White Whiskey’s design honors the history of mills and small distilleries in D.C., such as the historic Pierce Mill and adjacent distillery in Rock Creek Park.  The laser cut image depicts the leaf of a beech tree, found throughout Rock Creek Park.  Future whiskey releases will also explore this design theme.

One Eight’s Ivy City Gin, named after the neighborhood where the distillery is located, will also be distilled from locally-sourced rye grain and infused with botanicals in a dedicated gin still.  The Ivy City Gin design evokes early city maps demarcating city lines with boundary stones. This intricate label is screen printed directly onto the bottle.

District Made Vodka will pay tribute to the ancient roots of vodka by also being distilled from rye but at the same time employing the latest filtering technologies for a smooth and clean flavor.  The District Made Vodka design combines an urban industrial design with a hand-made aesthetic that is central to One Eight’s distilling style.

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