About Us

DCGurmet is dedicated to  distribution of information about food and drink in the National Capitol Region (Washington, DC, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia.)

It is edited by Joel Whitaker, a prize-winning editor and reporter who has been covering the beverage beat since 1983 as editor of Kane’s Beverage Week and since 2005 as editor of Kane’s Beverage News Daily.  The Kane’s newsletters are aimed alcohol beverage suppliers and wholesalers; DCGourmet is aimed at consumers and retailers in the alcohol beverage trade.

Joel’s first professional news job was as a rewriteman for The Indianapolis Star.  He was a reporter, editor and editorial writer for the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, a copy editor and writer of the Page One news summaries for The Wall Street Journal, business editor of the Philadelphia (Pa.) Evening Bulletin, and managing editor of Bank Letter, a publication of Institutional Investor.

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